A selection of the best cars to go on vacation

As you approach the holidays, you can perfect the preparation of your trip with family, friends or couples. Indeed, a successful stay is based on good organization. In addition to the issue of accommodation, plane booking and itinerary, there is also the choice of car that you will use on site.

If you opt for a road trip or a visit to your destination by car, it is essential to choose your model of vehicle from rental 24 , in order to enjoy maximum comfort, power and economy. To help you in your search, here is a selection of the ideal cars to go on vacation. Which car for a trip?

The city dwellers

The city cars are light models that are mainly intended for city driving and relatively short journeys. To that extent, if you are traveling as a couple and want to rent a car in the country or city of your destination, you can choose these types of vehicles. Models such as the Audi A1 and Volkswagen Polo are the most popular for travelers seeking comfort for their getaway.

If you plan to travel a long distance, especially during your vacation in Japan , vehicles like the Citroën C3 and Renault Clio are to be favored for their “effective depreciation”. If the Ford Fiesta 1.6TDCi 95 and Peugeot 208 e -HDI 92 allow you to gain in consumption, the Toyota Yaris is the model city most suitable for those looking to enjoy a larger space.

The 4 × 4

A 4 × 4 car is known to be expensive for both purchase and maintenance. However, it is most interesting for travelers who want to go to countries or regions where roads are in poor condition or if the areas do not have roads. With these models of vehicles, you have the possibility to drive almost everywhere, to cross rocky plains, streams, deserts, etc.

4 × 4’s like the Jeep or the Land Rover offer you an excellent performance to accompany you in your different expeditions. Nevertheless it is important to note that the previous uses of 4 × 4 quickly wear out its components, which leads to its regular maintenance. This type of car is ideal for two or three people depending on the amount of luggage you want to bring.

The van

The van is a very popular car model among road trip travelers. Since the time of the “hippies”, it has become the first choice for traveling, and rightly so. With its rectangular shape and spacious interior, the van will offer you the possibility of having a double bed in the back, allowing you to rest or spend the night in your car.

Thanks to its wide space, it offers the possibility to put many objects and a good amount of luggage in the rest of the vehicle. To this extent, by opting for a van, you will be completely independent during your road trip. As the case of the SUV, the disadvantages of this kind of car are its expensive price and maintenance that can become just as expensive.

The motorhome

The camper is the best option for a road trip in peace and comfort. Although it is mainly reserved for a privileged clientele, this type of vehicle is a true traveling home that will allow you to spend a wonderful holiday with your family. Everything is there: shower, toilet, bedroom, kitchen, storage area, etc. Modern motorhomes offer everything you need to feel comfortable at home while discovering the landscapes of your destination.

Available in different models at rental24h.com, motorhomes can be even more spacious, more equipped and more luxurious, according to your desires, but especially according to your budget. Indeed, the disadvantage of this type of vehicle is undoubtedly the exorbitant cost of its purchase, its maintenance or its rental.

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